The Spitfires

The Spitfires by Beril Becker
Pyramid Books, 1964
Originally published as Whirlwind in Petticoats
Doubleday, 1947
Price I paid: $3.50

Vicki and Tennie came out of the Midwest and hit New York like a cyclone. The Robber Barons were in full swing, building famous names and fabulous riches, but they were no match for the whirlwind Claflin girls, who lost no time in

  • squeezing a fortune out of Commodore Vanderbilt
  • ruining the most respected preacher in the city, Henry Ward Beecher
  • preaching a scandalous gospel of free love—and practicing it!
  • defeating Boss Tweed, the powerful, corrupt head of Tammany Hall
  • starting a campaign to make Vicki president of the United States!

The Gilded Age was one of the wildest periods in American history—but the Claflin girls were wilder still. Their story is grippy, bawdy—and strangest of all, true!

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