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“Hey!” You might be saying. “I want to get in touch with you for some reason! Maybe I have a book I think you might like, or I want to disagree with you about something, or I just want to tell you you’re pretty awesome. Maybe I want to send you money or offer you a job. Is there any way I can do that?”

The answer is now yes! Use this form and it’ll zip me a message via this newfangled electronic mail service I’ve been hearing about. Remarkably, I can use it to reply to your message and we can have a conversation and be friends!

It’s like living in one of these books except with—hopefully—less blatant sexism, racism, and spelling errors.

For serious, though: If I adjudge you to be a dick, I will probably send your message straight to the trash.

You can also find me on Twitter (@almightytim).