Earth Has Been Found

Earth Has Been Found by D.F. JonesEarth Has Been Found front
Dell Books, 1979
Price I paid: 90¢


At first, the bizarre series of “cosmic skyjackings” could be hushed up by a baffled and frightened military. But aircraft continued to disappear, plucked out of the sky without warning, only to reappear months later, thousands of miles off course.


All too soon the reason would become horribly apparent. Earth has been found by a horde of creatures from a world that not even the wildest imagination could invent, parasitic creatures that took to their human hosts with deadly speed and bloodthirsty precision.

They were named Xenos. The word meant “strangers.” It would come to mean something much more frightening and final now that…






The Road to Corlay

The Road to Corlay by Richard CowperThe Road to Corlay front
Pocket Books, 1978
Price I paid: 90¢

On the Eve of the Fourth Millenium

a slowly-building civilization, struggling out of the rubble of the Drowning, was crushed beneath the scepter of a powerful and repressive Church.

But on the Eve of the Fourth Millenium

the sound of a magical pipe was heard, and the air was filled with songs of freedom and enlightenment.

And on the Eve of the Fourth Millenium

the Boy appeared, bringing the gift of sacrilege, a harbinger of the future, heralding the arrival of the White Bird of Dawning.

It is the coming of a New Age….

A glorious future bearing the presents of the past!


Update: I Have a Patreon!

Heya folks, this is just to let you know that I’ve signed up for Patreon, the site that’ll let people support my blog by throwing a couple dollars my way every time I post. I think this is awesome.

This is, of course, not to say that I’m in dire financial straits or that the blog is in any kind of danger of not happening. I intend to keep doing reviews for as long as I can stomach it. But getting a little cashflow from the blog would be pretty cool for a couple of reasons.

  1. I can add some server space. The space that WordPress allocates is a pretty good amount, but since I use high resolution scans of the covers of the books I read, the space will, in the distant future, start to get a little tight. Also, I’d like to be able to do some wackier stuff like video posts or start a podcast variant of the blog. That would be fun!
  2. I can hire somebody to do some art. I’m an awful graphic designer and an even worse artist. Still, I feel like the blog looks a little barebones and I’d like to have some prettiness added. Especially a header image.
  3. I can kill the ads. WordPress is pretty good about ads, to be fair, but in my opinion, no ads is better than occasional ones.
  4. Extra posts. This is the big one. If I can ask for a day or two off (from the job I absolutely adore, so this is like…TWO sacrifices) every month, I’ll be able to do an extra book or two every month. This is great because I can provide more content, but also because it’ll help me work through the massive stack I’ve got built up. Not that that’s a bad thing.
  5. Promote the blog. I guess I could buy ads somewhere, even though that goes against #3. I’m sure there are better ideas than that. I’ll get back to you there.
  6. More special request reviews. This is my favorite. Remember when I did The Feminists and I paid $15 for it? Totally worth it. Not only because I’m glad that I read that piece of garbage, but also because that single review got me more page views and exposure than, um, probably everything else combined. With a little help, I’ll be able to dig deeper into the rarer out-of-prints via Amazon or AbeBooks just to see what trash and treasure lurks beyond my local used-book store.

So that’s what I get. What do you get?

Well, I plan on using the Patreon site to give a little more glimpses into the backstage area of the blog. New book arrivals will be posted so that people can help me pick and choose what comes next. Maybe if I’m torn between a pair of books I can reach out and y’all can help me decide. Things like that, with more ideas forthcoming. Plus there’s a list of individual rewards you can peruse at the Patreon itself.

Questions, comments, concerns?

Aaaand here’s the link:

Scavengers in Space

Scavengers in Space by Alan E. NourseScavengers in Space front
Ace Books, 1958
Price I paid: 50¢

“This fast-moving tale of the far future deals with the quest of the Hunter brothers for a mysterious bonanza located somewhere in the asteroid belt. The dangers and details of asteroid mining are carefully outlined, and the bonanza itself proves to be an open gate to wider future in the stars.

“Realistic background, good plotting, and vivid writing add up to a good adventure.”

—Cleveland Press


The Penetrator #49: Satan’s Swarm

The Penetrator #49: Satan’s Swarm by Lionel DerrickThe Penetrator 49 front
Pinnacle Books, 1982
Price I paid: 60¢

When a group of international terrorists releases Dr. Raymond Barr from a hospital for the criminally insane, the Penetrator springs into action. Dr. Barr, aside from being insane, is a brilliant scientist—a very dangerous combination. With the mad doctor on the loose, no one is safe.

Taken by his rescuers to a secret laboratory in Nicaragua, the doctor’s twisted talents are employed by Colonel Po Hahn Chau, who is breeding new strains of abnormally large, highly-aggressive insects. The colonel’s plan is to develop an insect army, a living weapon which could bring the world to its knees.

The Penetrator has to smash this plot before the colonel’s plague is loosed on the world—and before he becomes the swarm’s first victim.


The Mad Throne

The Mad Throne by Brad MunsonThe Mad Throne front
Popular Library, 1979
Price I paid: 75¢

Lawrence Connor. Brilliant actor. Riding the crest of a sensational star role.

What had happened to him?

He had waked from a terrifying trance to find himself trapped in another man’s body—in a nightmarish realm of giants and killer warriors, arrogant overlords and oppressed slaves, seductive temptresses and endangered beauties.

How had he gotten there? How could he return to earth?

These were questions that he did not have time to answer. He was too busy fighting for his own survival….


Utopia Minus X

Utopia Minus X by Rex GordonUtopia Minus X front
Ace Books, 1966
Price I paid: 75¢

It took two hundred years to go to the nearest star and come back, but for astronaut Morgan Harvey it seemed but a short trip of a few months. Such is the nature of relative-time at near-light speeds.

So when Harvey got back to Earth he was still the same young patriotic Free World soldier he had been at the start of his flight. But the world he came back to was seemingly one in which his nation’s foes had triumphed and which now called itself The Perfect World.

And Utopia it certainly seemed, but Harvey refused to be brainwashed into accepting it. But until he met the man marked X, the problem of saving not only himself but humanity seemed beyond solution.

A remarkable new novel by the author of FIRST TO THE STARS.


Cold War in a Country Garden

Cold War in a Country Garden by Lindsay GutteridgeCold War in a Country Garden
Pocket Books, 1973
Price I paid: 75¢

Meet Matthew Dilke

so small that he must fight for his life against centipedes and killer ants…so tough that he is sent as a secret agent on a suicide mission behind the Iron Curtain!


The Outer Fleet

The Outer Fleet by M. MatzkinThe Outer Fleet front
Manor Books, 1978
Price I paid: 25¢

It seemed to be merely a matter of time before Solonius VII, a lone solar system, would be crushed by the tyrant. Supplies and manpower were going fast. The only hope left was the “Outer Fleet,” a band of courageous guerilla warriors from the far reaches of the universe. But would the “Outer Fleet” and Solonius VII join forces in time for one last desperate stand against this overwhelming evil power?


Phase Two

Phase Two by Walt and Leigh RichmondPhase Two front
Ace Science Fiction, 1979
Price I paid: 25¢


By the time a man was truly wise, he was old and feeble—until now. A revolutionary technique developed by Dr. Katsu Lang of the Asteroid Belt has changed all that; students can actually be innoculated [sic] with “memory molecules” and given a lifetime of knowledge in the same length of time as ordinary schooling. that’s why the brightest youngsters from all over the solar system vie for entrance to the Astro Technology School on Earth.

At the head of his class at AT is Stan Dustin, son of the hero of the Asteroid Belt’s first triumphant battle for independence. When he learns that he is being groomed for a career in Earth’s hated militia Stan escapes to the Belt, where he learns the frightening truth about the memory injections and the side effects Earth has so carefully cultivated.

The struggle for the Belt’s independence is far from over—and of all the brilliant young officers from the AT school, only Stan has full control over his own will. Earth plans that the second battle with the upstart Belters will go very differently from the first—but Earth reckons without Stan Dustin, and the courage of men who fight for a world they love.



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