Balzan of the Cat People #1: The Blood Stones

Balzan of the Cat People #1: The Blood Stones by Wallace MooreBalzan of the Cat People front
Pyramid Books, 1975
Price I paid: 75¢

Space flight Ares Probe One was thirteen months away from earth on a manned journey to Mars.

Then IT happened!

The craft was plucked out of the solar system to crash on a wild planet never seen by man. Only an infant boy, sleeping in stasis inside a safety cube, survived. He was to become Balzan, adopted son of a tribe of bipeds resembling earth cats!


Reptilian raiders, flashing deadly neutron swords, had taken Balzan’s cat-people into slavery to satisfy the blood-lust of an insatiable queen. Only Balzan could hope to rescue them. But first he must learn the terrible truth about the evil blood stones, even if the knowledge destroyed him!

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