Beyond the Sealed World

Beyond the Sealed WorldBeyond the Sealed World by Rena Vale
Paperback Library, 1965
Price I paid: none


Thus ordered the masters of Science, the ruling body of the Glasteel Civilization. And so Daly 1444, convicted of primitive longings to be a man instead of a number, was forced to become an Opener—a fearful voyager into the dangerous world of natural sun and light outside his antiseptic culture.

To his great surprise, Daly found not one but several worlds—each at a different level of achievement, each incomplete without the other, each desperate to rule supreme. At first he struggled only for his own life amidst conditions for which his test-tube life had ill-equipped him. But soon he realized that not only his future was at stake, but the future of all the worlds of Earth—and he was the one man who could save the Universe!

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The Space Vampires

The Space Vampires
Cover credit:

The Space Vampires by Colin Wilson
Monkfish Book Publishing Company, 2009
Originally Published by Random House, 1976
Price I paid: $5.79

Circa 2100

A scourge of sex and death from an alien spaceship

WHEN CAPTAIN CARLSEN ENTERED THE VAST DERELICT SPACESHIP, he was shaken by the discovery of its immobilized humanoid passengers.

Later, after three of the strange aliens had been transported to Earth, his foreboding was more than justified. The creatures were energy vampires whose seductive embraces were fatal, whose lust for vitality was boundless. As they took over the willing bodies of their victims and sexual murders spread terror throughout the land, Carlsen worked toward their destruction—even while he was erotically drawn to the most beautiful vampire of all!

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Star Force

Star Force by Robert E. MillsStar Force
Belmont Tower Books, 1978
Price I paid: none

In this dazzling climax to “Star Quest Series,” Red Rian, Lady Nila and Dann Oryzon, the intrepid space travellers of STAR QUEST and STAR FIGHTERS, conclude their extraterrestrial adventures. Under the guidance of the warrior-mystic Garthane, they are led into their most perilous advcenture so far.

The Dark Emperor had spawned a new generation of immortal annihilators, more evil and more powerful than the universe had ever seen. Would they be able to turn the tide against the Fellowship of Light and the forces of good?

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Star Fighters

Star FightersStar Fighters by Robert E. Mills
Tower Publications, 1978
Price I paid: none

Picking up where STAR QUEST left off, STAR FIGHTERS, second in the “Star Quest Series,” once again finds Red Rian, Lady Nila, and Dann Oryzon locked in mortal combat with the Dark Emperor and his evil captain, Lord Blorg.

In a last great assault on the dreaded Death Legion, the three spacefighters find unexpected friends—and enemies!—out among the stars.

Can they break the Dark Emperor’s power over the universe, or are they just expendable toys in Ylang-Ylang’s vicious galactic game?

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