Buck Alice and the Actor-Robot

Buck Alice and the Actor Robot by Walter KoenigBuck Alice and the Actor-Robot front
Guild Press, 1988
Price I paid: $1.25

BUCK ALICE AND THE ACTOR ROBOT takes a wry and insightful look at human behavior after apocalypse. Mr. Koenig finds that people remain human—both mean-spirited and heroic, both aimless and persistent—in the gravest circumstances. It’s a complex worldview, all articulated in a well-conceived science-fiction thriller.
—Leonard Nimoy

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Genetic Bomb

Genetic Bomb by Andrew J. Offutt and D. Bruce BerryGenetic Bomb front
Warner Paperback Library, 1975
Price I paid: 90¢

An epidemic of insanity rages in the well-ordered, sexually liberated world of the future. Beautiful girls are going mad—writhing in pain and ecstasy as they live through hallucinations of a world-consuming conflagration and a final, orgasmic farewell to life.

One thing only links these girls. Each possesses a strange, luminous gem imported from another world. It is a weapon in a struggle for mastery over the forces motivating the Galactic Empire. And one man, Wesley Harmon, pits himself against the unknown adversary, crossing the universe to learn the secret of the GENETIC BOMB.

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The Starmen of Llyrdis

The Starmen of Llyrdis by Leigh BrackettThe Starmen of Llyrdis front
Ballantine Books, 1952
Price I paid: 50¢

Michael Trehearne had always been an outcast among his people on Earth.  He knew he was different…but he did not know how or why.

Then one day, on the wind-swept coast of Brittany, a bewitchingly beautiful girl appeared and told him he had the look of the Vardda—those elite star travelers who alone could withstand the rigors of intergalactic flight.

Michael had to join them…had to find his place in the universe at last.  But it would not be easy.  For even when they allowed him to risk his life aboard their ship, to seal his fate upon their planet…even then, they viewed him as an outcast, a dangerous changeling who suddenly threatened them.

He was a man who sooner or later would have to be destroyed!

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Danger Planet

Danger Planet frontDanger Planet by Brett Sterling
Popular Library, 1945
Price: 75¢

One million years back in the swirling, shrouded past, evil ultra-beings ruled the Planet Roo. Suddenly, unbelievably, they are alive again, threatening the universe with total destruction.

Only one man dares challenge the Evil Ones. He is Captain Future, inter-galactic agent of justice, whose identity is top secret, whose strength is ultimate. He sets out alone to stop the deathless menace creeping ever closer…

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