The Fourth “R”

The Fourth “R” by George O. Smith Ballantine Books, 1959 Price I paid: none Jimmy Holden was an experiment… He was normally bright, normal-sized, and enormously curious—just like most small boys. The only thing different in Jimmy’s life was a machine—a machine which could teach him better, faster, more completely and more thoroughly than any human … Continue reading The Fourth “R”

The Second War of the Worlds

The Second War of the Worlds by George H. Smith DAW Books, 1976 Price I paid: 90¢ As everyone knows, there are parallel Earths. So when the Martians failed in their effort to conquer the Victorian world as told in H.G. Wells’  [sic] famous eye-witness account, they took one short step X-wise and, having immunized themselves … Continue reading The Second War of the Worlds

The Humanoids

The Humanoids by Jack WilliamsonSpectrum Literary Agency, 2011Originally published by Simon and Schuster, 1949Originally serialized in Astounding, March-May 1948Price I paid: $5.99 (eBook) Clay Forester is a scientist working in a weapons laboratory on a distant planet, when a vast army of robotic “humanoids” land and, as they have done on countless other worlds, take … Continue reading The Humanoids