The Rim-World Legacy

The Rim-World Legacy by F.A. JavorThe Rim-World Legacy front
Signet Science Fiction, 1968
Price I paid: 75¢

He was a stranger to Poldrogi. But someone had marked him for a patsy in an incredible power game played for galactic stakes…a power game with a Machiavellian twist…a power game in which murder was only the open gambit.


is a brilliant science fiction novel by F.A. Javor. It is the story of the treasure hunt of the ages led by a man who doesn’t know that he holds the key to limitless control of the universe.

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East of Danger

East of Danger by Paul TwitchellEast of Danger front
Illuminated Way Press, 1978
Price I paid: 25¢


Millions dominated to the point where everything in their life is being controlled.

Then free-thinkers, people able to be creative, wage a fight—to free its people enslaved by the tyrant Agadnir and his mind-control techniques.

Through love, jealousy, treachery and deceit, the spiritual warrior and freedom fighter Peddar Zaskq confronts the magicians of illusion. The androids. Even the “Ancient One” himself.

Individual freedom can be attained by the people only with the true power working through its chosen vehicles. One is Peddar Zaskq—provided he meets the two greatest tests of his life…

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The Steel Crocodile

The Steel Crocodile by D.G. ComptonThe Steel Crocodile front
Pocket Books, 1970
Price I paid: 90¢


Bohn, the omnipotent computer whose flashing circuits and messianic pronouncements dictate what tomorrow will—or will not—be.

But Matthew Oliver is flesh and blood and full of questions—not nearly as certain as the machine he’s appointed to serve.

And the right hand of science seldom knows what the left hand is doing…

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Whisper from the Stars

Whisper from the Stars by Jeff SuttonWhisper from the Stars front
Dell Publishing Co., 1970
Price I paid: 75¢

Nights are the worst.

Those cloudless nights when a thousand eyes look down, mocking me. Because I know that Man, in some form other than my own, quietly has taken over the universe.

I know because I’ve lived and died and lived again.

Worse yet is when the whisper comes.

It comes from beyond the blaze of lights, from beyond the gulf of darkness which separates the burning suns.

“We are here,” the whisper says. “We are here.”

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